Allison Faith Sulock is a Theatrical Professional with over 20 years in the business.

She specializes in production/stage management, lighting design, producing, programming, and music. 

Allison's previous experience has allowed her to work in the theatre and entertainment business in virtually every possible role from production manager, designer, director, conductor, and administrator to musician, dancer, singer and stagehand. This experience has molded her into a well-rounded individual who is competent in many areas of the entertainment industry. She is comfortable with the challenges that international touring presents, has a current passport and is eager to travel. Her creative and musical imagination, thorough theatrical knowledge, and excitable personality are an added bonus when working with her.

If you are looking for creative, dynamic designs; a well-organized, thorough manager; or a musician with a historical/filk/nerd/celtic twist, please use the "contact" page to get in touch.

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